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Amitabh Swetta (Sharaha)

Originally from Mumbai realised and always wanted to help people on his journey to the SELF. He found his spiritual self through the journey of the last 20 years, mastering the Body (Masters in fitness Sciences) the Mind (NLP & Hypnosis practitioner) and the Spirit (OSHO Meditation facilitator/ shamanic & Holotropic breath-work / Bio Energy & chakra scanning & Balancing.

Amitabh Swetta

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Vartika Gupta

originally from Bahrain discovered this past on a quest to learn more about the human mind & its mysteries carrying forth her marketing expertise this combination blended, and now she is also the Marketing Growth Driver for 1000PETALS India. She also pursues her free time exploring art photography inspired from life & its precious moments visually

Vartika Gupta

Cheif Pyschonaut
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A growth hacker, digital marketer and UX/UI specialist, I turn coffee into code. When I’m not working, you’ll find me watching a basketball game(go Lakers!) or playing DOTA 2. I’m a self-confessed know-it-all when it comes technology, android and Linux.

Shesh Iyer


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Archana Maniar

After being associated with Corporate for 10 years, her life has been a journey from healing herself to healing others since 2016. She trained herself in Chakra Balancing, Past Life Regression, she trained herself in Reiki & is a Reiki Master. Thus her journey of being a lightworker started. Archana shares her life through Love, Care, Goodness & Compassion with all clients and is an ever cheerful member of Team 1000PETALS India


Co-Pilot / Light Ambassador
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Since the inception of this young company he has been a constant support from bringing up these environments for our clients from Day 1 of the birth of 1000PETALS India. He is the constant Back-Bone, Water Tank Alchemist & the Ever Smiling member of the team

Debashish Rabidas

Mr. Man Friday
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Experience of over 14 years in Fields of Metals Exports, Online Marketing, Startup Freak & Franchise Consultancy Generates 100s of ideas in a day!Always buzzing like a bee to success!

Chirag chandan

Wizard of possibilities


A vital re-calibration of mind and matter, time and space, heart and soul. There are few experiences which have the sort of mean effective dosage like being in the serene 1000 Petals, in the heart of Bangalore. To call it a spa, would be to call Tendulkar a cricketer. It wouldn't be untrue, it just wouldn't do any justice to the space or the ethos behind it. To call the therapies relaxing, would be true, if you find yourself stressed. As would be to call them consciousness expanding, if your awareness is at the borders of your perception. Rather in many ways, the space in itself is panacea. And a much required one that is truly appreciated, once devoid of the many ailments unawares of. Depending on what you feel to be your truest self, enter the space and trust the process, and I hope you will find it to be the start of an exploratory voyage. One which although never ending and metamorphic, would always find a crucial refueling pit-stop at 1000 petals, making it city landmarks of the country

byRaghu V

The combination of Float followed by Lucia light session gave me an experience of a Lifetime! The float helps in cutting off from the outside world and being with Your-Self. The Lucia light Makes you go within. Instantly! Words cannot describe the experience. This has to be experienced in person to realize its benefits. I would definitely recommend 1000 Petals to anyone who is looking forward to the Inner Journey and knowing more about their True Self. You will be taken way beyond anything that you can currently imagine

by Anil K

Perfect place to switch off! I've been curious about the floatation & light therapy techniques for a while now & was just waiting for the right moment to visit 1000Petals to experience these meditative tools. These guys have created a very safe, peaceful abode wherein you instantly become calm and neutral as soon as you enter. I had chosen the Satori package of 60min Float & Lucia Light therapy, and I must say, it was just the right dose of Shanti I needed on the day. The experience was quite immersive & the professional staff ensured I'm mentally tuned in & ready for the journey. I had a beautiful time in the floatation tank, just losing myself in the nothingness & the light therapy had a very positive impact on my state of mind. I was happy & super relaxed at the same time. I think it's the perfect way to switch off from the mad rush we live in day in day out & I'd definitely find time to visit their centre again. They also offer a range of meditative services & group sessions but I think I'm simply gonna go for a longer float next time. Namaste

by Puneet Kapoor

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