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No, any Fear is the extension of the mind. You will have all the controls of the pod in your reach such as opening / closing of the tank and switch on / off of the light button and the pod is not air-tight.
No, you don’t need to learn swimming. You will float effortlessly on the surface of the water.
No, Dead Sea is not sensory deprived; you will still be able to absorb all the unnecessary sound, light etc.
No, You have to go inside the tank completely naked
Flotation - REST therapy may improve your cardiovascular health by inducing deep relaxation that reduces stress levels and improves sleep, according to research.Chronic stress and sleep deprivation have been linked to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.
There are many claims about flotation-REST causing feelings of overwhelming happiness and euphoria. People have reported experiencing mild euphoria, increased well-being, and feeling more optimistic following therapy using a sensory deprivation tank. Others have reported spiritual experiences, deep inner peace, sudden spiritual insight, and feeling as if they were born anew.
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